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Roja Dove

Roja Dove is one of the Most Renowned house in Perfumery for its Top Notch Offerings
Giving the fact that Roja Dove was founded in United Kingdom in 1957, they never fail to surprise their customers with the innovating fragrances that keep coming out.
Top Sellers: Enigma by Roja Dove
Danger By Roja Dove
Diaglev By Roja Dove
Vetiver Extract By Roja Dove
Patchouli Extract By Roja Dove
Tea Amo By Roja Dove
La Nuit By Roja Dove
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  1. Roja Dove Enigma Eau De Parfum For Men and Women

    Roja Dove Enigma, This fragrance was launched in 2013. The whole company comes from United Kingdom. The whole Roja Dove collection was amazing, but this fragrance really stands out, it has hints of Vanilla, Rose and Peach.
    As low as: ₹19,999.00
  2. Roja Dove Fetish Eau De Parfum For Men and Women

    Roja Dove Fetish, This fragrance was released in 2012, Created by Roja Dove. The whole collection is amazing! This one stands out because it has beautiful, inspirational hints of Bergamot mixed with Green Notes and Tea
    As low as: ₹19,999.00
  3. Risque by Roja Dove for Men

    Risqué opens with a warm bergamot note surrounded with sensual florals. Risqué is so beautiful, yet there is this undercurrent of carnality that draws you in without release. There is a dusting of civet that wrap themselves around the perfume which, after a while is covered with all its soft creaminess. Many perfumes start off strong and interesting, but this is definitely not one of them. Risqué remains deeply carnal, warm and passionate through the very end. From the Roja Parfums website: “On The Edge Of The Forbidden” WARM, DRY, FRESH, SWEET, & LEATHERY “When I created this I thought of how society tells us how we have to behave, think, and act. So I decided to create a perfume that seemed tailored and disciplined – but as it develops it starts to show its overtly sensual base, which gets warmer, darker and more overt with each breath”. Roja Dove
    As low as: ₹19,999.00
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3 Item(s)