Annick Goutal: Top 5 Recommendations for Women

A sheer beauty, Annick Goutal was a pianist and a renowned model. Her intriguing essence for powerful scents and fragrances played a major role in her business attics and helped her to launch a Parisian line of fragrances, soaps and bathing oils. The label achieved success in a very short span of time, with commendable celebrity following including Madonna, Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Douglas and admirably more. The label’s first fragrance was launched in the year 1980. The brand’s perfumes are eminently prominent not only because of their fragrances but also for its varying and unusually beautiful packaging. After Annick’s demise in 1999, her daughter Camille continued the work in collaboration with Isabelle Doyen and launched successful perfumes dedicating her mother.
Here are some top recommendations from this fragrance line for Women:
Eau de Camille
“Eau de Camille” is a perfume that Annick Goutal dedicated to her own daughter Camille. The perfume was launched in the year 1983. It’s a green mystic fragrance with beautiful fresh, green, ozonic and white floral accords. Goutal fragrances are very renowned for their packaging and shaping of the flacons. The flacon offering “Camille” is a delicate and yet subtle girly fragrance, it opens like spring mornings with fresh cut grass. The scent has a sweet settling aroma due to the top notes with honey suckle in it. The fragrance is a symphony of nature.
Fragrance Notes : Grass, Ivy, Syringa, Honeysuckle and False Jasmine
Classification : Floral Green
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Ce Soir Ou Jamais
“Ce Soir Ou Jamais” refers to “Tonight or Never”. This beautiful fragrance is one of the best selling from the label. Annick herself referred to the scent as very charming and mysterious scent. The scent ought to awake the love in our hearts. The heart notes in the fragrance consists an elegant blend of Turkish rose. As the label is well known for its packaging, this perfume is extremely eye catchy with the bottle of glass and the vintage style esthetics. The perfume is a classic rose scent during the late 90s. This fragrance was launched in the year 1999.
Fragrance Notes : Turkish Rose, Amber, Ambrette (Musk Mallow) and Hibiscus
Classification : Floral
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Eau de Charlotte
The perfume was introduced in the year 1982 by the house of Goutal. This women’s fragrance is a mystic blend of fruity and floral tones. A soothing and fresh fruity scent offered for women. The main accords of the fragrance are sweet, powdery, floral and with vanilla. It’s a beautiful and playful combination of lily of the valley, vanilla and cacao. It is a blissful fragrance for women. It has an amazing composition of bright mimosa, creamy lily and a little soapy touch of powder.
Top Notes : Lily
Middle Notes : Lily of the valley and Mimosa
Base Notes : Cacao and Vanilla
Classification : Floral Fruity Gourmand
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Des Lys
“Des Lys” is a feminine perfume with the main accords of fresh aromatic, green, white floral and soft spicy. The perfume is considered to be one of the best lily based fragrances from the label. It is a subtle blend of freshness and lightness of lilies mixed together. The scent is extremely soothing and beautifully sinking in the skin. The scent lasts a long time. It has a detectable ivy aroma along with the freshness of grapefruit. It’s more like taking a walk down the garden of fresh blooming lilies around you. The perfume ought to be very creamy and astringent in nature.
Fragrance Notes : Cassis, Lily and Ivy
Classification : Floral Green
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Chat Perché
The perfume was launched in the year 2018 by the label. The creators of the perfume are Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyan. It’s a very soothing and delicate fragrance for both women and children as well. The heart of the scent is comprised with sweet lemon, sweet pea and nasturtium. The perfume being a floral based fragrance is indeed a long lasting one. It gives out a soft, calming and soothing effect on the minds. It mysteriously blends within your skin and one might not feel a change in the routine as well. A must have women’s fragrance from the label.
Top Notes : Lemon Blossom
Middle Notes : Sweet pea and Nasturtium
Base Notes : White Musk
Classification : Floral
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