#Perfumery - Scentedelic Niche Perfumes and Projekt Alternative Made in India Initiative!

Scentedelic inspired by Psychedelic Art , Music and Culture blended into Perfumery.

Started within Projekt Alternative , Scentedelic Focuses on Niche Audience who loves Attention to Detail.

From Art Work to Scent to Concept Everything is Trippy about it.
Call Of the Wild - Sauvage Elixir
Teenage Mutant - Paco Phantom

Voodoo Priest - Red Tobacco

Dopamine - Bvlgari Tygar Inspired

Timeless 2.0 - Guerlain Vetiver Vintage recreated
Projekt Alternative Made in India are assembled in India to cut down on Cost But Not on Oil , Our Oils still comes from UAE and Overseas.
This gives us a Pricing Edge to provide unmatchable blend at an affordable price.
Alexa White Inspired By Office Men 8-10Hrs Freshie
Shiva Sutra - Black Afghano With Oud and Birch
D Money - Nishane Ani inspired Fruity Musky Vanilla

Chypre Funk - Kirke Inspured Fruity Chypre Compliment Magnet!
4. Black Cardamom - YSL La Nuit Vintage Formula

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