Coty, Inc. is a beauty brand founded François Coty in 1904. Born Joseph Marie François Spoturno, a native of Corsica, he moved to Paris and adopted the more French-sounding name of François Coty, with "Coty" a variation of his mother's maiden name. Initially a secretary, he studied perfumery under a local pharmacist and begin what he hoped would be a revolution in the fragrance industry, which had changed little since the 19th century.

    Coty's first fragrance, La Rose Jaqueminot, was introduced in 1904, and made Coty a millionaire. Coty's genius would prove not only to be perfume crafting, but in marketing fragrances as well. A famous quote by Monsieur Coty: "Give a woman the best product to be made, market it in the perfect flask, beautiful in its simplicity yet impeccable in its taste, ask a reasonable price for it, and you will witness the birth of a business the size of which the world has never seen."

    La Rose Jacqueminot was packaged in a beautiful Baccarat bottle. Coty recognized the importance of offering a beautiful, luxurious product such as perfume in an equally beautiful and luxurious package. Coty partnered with ceramic artist and jeweler Rene Lalique, who designed ornate bottles and gilded labels, in the Art Nouveau style, for early Coty creations such as L'Origan.

    Coty was one of the first companies to attempt to market perfume, which had always been seen as a luxury product for the wealthy, to middle class and working class women, in smaller and plainer bottles. The strategy was a huge success, and Coty helped make perfume the international mass-market product it eventually became.

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