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Nocturnal Oud By Perfumologist 50ml Originale

Nocturnal Oud by Perfumologist is a Amber fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance.

Nocturnal Oud was launched in 2020. Top note is Bergamot; middle note is Turkish Rose; base notes are Agarwood (Oud) and Amber.

Smells a bit closer to Frederic Malle The Night

Our First Launch of 2020 After being Sold out in first 2 Months , Restocking Again now.

Limited batch of Few Dozens. Grab now.

Largest Collection of Authentic Designer and Niche Perfumes Online for Men & Women , Now Delivering India and International

Gone are the days when perfumes used to be Luxury , Since Inception of Projekt Perfumery India we have seen this trend shifting where most of successful people have added Perfumes as part of their daily grooming regime making perfumes from Luxury to Necessity.
Wearing a good fragrance ensures good hygiene , builds a positive aura around you and boosts your self confidence.
There are some Basic 101 of Perfumes which Perfumologist(TM) have drafted to understand perfumes better , Rest we are just a Chat away for any Questions and have tonnes of videos on our YouTube

The Notes : 

As you are here we are sure you already know Top Notes, Mid Notes and Base Notes. Here is detailed article explaining Notes Pyramid.

We will jump to next Level with more advanced Jargons to help you make informed choice of your Signature Scent.

Aroma Molecules "The Essence" : These are the oils extracted (recreated in labs) from plants and flowers. Once the oils have been extracted they go through about a series of processes before they are churned out as oils. This laborious process of perfume creation has barely begun after the essential oils are extracted . They are then masterfully blended according to a specific formula by our Perfumologist(TM).  While creating a perfume the concentration of the oil in the blend further divides it into different types.
  • Mist / Deodrantes: This blend has the lightest concentration of fragrance oil. It has an oil concentration of about 1-3%. Due to its low alcohol concentration and high water content, it’s a great choice for sensitive skin and  wears off faster than the other variants. Brands like Victoria Secret , Bath & Body Works have some great Mists for women , However Mist equivalent for Men are Deodorant's in terms of popularity.
  • Eau De Cologne: This blend contains about 2-4% of the oil concentrate and generally fades within an hour or two. Cologne is the name most commonly given to men’s fragrances . Popular Cologne brands like 4711 Maurer & Writz , Acqua Di Parma , Pierre Cardin and so on.
  • Eau De Toilette:  This blend generally has about 5-15% of the oil concentrate and lingers on for about three hours. It is one of the most popular fragrance choices because it lasts well and has a lower price point than an EDP or a Parfum variant. all Designer houses like Burberry , Prada , Giorgio Armani , Yves Saint Laurent , Davidoff and so on are majorly EDTs 
  • Eau De Parfum: This blend has the second highest fragrance concentration with the oil concentrate between 15 to 20%.No matter what the occasion is, this fragrance type can be more reliable than other above mentioned blends. Many brands have realised that consumers needs longer lasting products Hence all 100% Niche Brands like Creed , Tom Ford, Mancera , Montale, Jovoy produce EDPs while some Designer Brands like Bvlgari , Hermes , Lalique , Davidoff , Versace have also launched EDPs 
  • Parfum: Also known as extrait de parfum, pure perfume or Parfum is the most concentrated scent. It contains 20 to 40% oil and can last for throughout the day . Though the prices are at Higher side but you get Maximum Performance. Brands like Roja Dove , Xerjoff , By Kilian , Fragrance Du Bois ,Bond No. 9,Nishane ,Clive Christian,Maison Francis Kurkdjian have Extracts Available.

Perfume jargon's might be a bit complex for an amateur or simply put a lay man. It’s however rather imperative to know what certain perfumes can render and perform to make sure you make the most of a particular type of perfumes.

People who buy perfumes are usually concerned about two very important things:

  • How they Smell
  • How good do these perfumes perform

Longevity: Longevity of a perfume is what is also called the lifetime of the perfume. This means how long a perfume lasts on the skin. This is from when the top notes open and eventually journey through the middle notes to melt into the base notes. The longevity of the perfume is based on the time one can still get a whiff of the perfume from their skin. Longevity of a perfume can depend on a variety of elements like:

  • Skin Chemistry
  • Weak Perception of Smells
  • Anointing the right points : wrists, under your knees, behind your earlobes and at the base of your neck.

Sillage: Pronounced ‘See- Yahaaj’ stands for the trail your perfume leaves behind. Every living being leaves behind a sillage as they roam around. It’s the unique smell that is individualistic to you. Sniffer dogs usually follow the sillage of a human body’s unique scent to track them. In the perfume world the implications are the same. It’s the smell that lingers around you when you walk around. It’s the smell trail that you leave behind. It’s that whiff you detect in the air after someone passes by wearing a perfume.

Projection: Sillage and Projection are often terms that are confused for the other. However the difference between them is that while sillage is what trail your perfume leaves behind, projection is the length your perfume radiates to. Projection is how far a perfume pushes out into the air. Projection changes over the longevity of the perfume. The projection is very loud at the opening of the perfume and then dies down during the lifespan of the perfume. 

How to Apply a Fragrance


Be Liberal when you spray your fragrance. Start with 10 Sprays Minimum in one Wearing,

2 Sprays On Each Wrist 

2 Sprays on Chest

2 Sprays on the Back of the Neck 

and Last 2 Sprays in the Air and Pass through it.


More such articles here 



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What to Look for While Buying Fragrance Online

When shopping for fragrances online, the first thing to consider is the scent family you want. There are hundreds of fragrance notes, but they can be grouped under four main fragrance families – floral, amber, woody, and fresh.

When you think of fresh flowers, like maybe a rose or jasmine, you’re essentially thinking of scents in the floral family. Given their distinct feminine characteristic, they are easily loved by most and are some of the most popular scents. Love herbal, spicy or vanilla smells? These fall under the ambers category. For occasions when you wish to feel sensual or exotic, this is the fragrance family to choose from. Think of sandalwood or even cedar. These belong to the woody family. If your style spells warm and opulent, choose woody smells to take the style quotient a notch higher.The fresh family comprises citrusy and oceanic fragrances. If you’re going to work or are meeting your friends for lunch, these are the ones to choose from.

Perfumery FAQs

Is shipping available outside India?
  Yes , Via Perfumery AppOn Perfumery Web ,Checkout is Optimised for India.

How to search for offers on your website?
  In the top navigation, you can browse all Ongoing sale Events or Use Site Search.

What if my order is shipped in multiple shipments?

Most times products are separately shipped from our different locations.Apart from that Products with Different delivery timelines are also shipped separately same way how Amazon does.

Even if the order is shipped in multiple shipments, do not worry you will receive them but on different days.

We keep ProActive Track of Each on Every Order.

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Amol K.
India India
I recommend this product
09 December 2021

Too good n long lasting .

Germany Germany
I recommend this product
30 August 2021

Ultimately if you want The Night on a budget then this is one to check out

It’s basically an alternative (hence Project Alternative) of The Night by Malle. The Night is a rose Oud of biblical standing - and a price tag to match. I’ve only tried it once in store and I knew I’d never wear it enough to justify the sort of outlay so this could work as a stand in. I can’t run them side by side as I don’t own The Night but from memory this is very much in the same space. A sort of fecal oud top that settles soon into an unsweetened rose. It smells natural and performs incredibly well. I tend to favour my roses a little sweeter. This is what I’d associate Arabic roses with - not bitter as such but pungent floral and sharp rather than jammy and saccharin. Ultimately if you want The Night on a budget then this is one to check out. If clones aren’t your jam keep strolling. For me it’s hard to see when I’d wear this but I’ll try find an occasion because it definitely smells good. #perfumologist #thenight #indian #budget . . . . . #perfume #perfumecollection #perfumes #duft #perfumeaddict #mrcologne76 #perfumelover #fragrance #fragrancecollection #fragrancelover #fragrancearmy #fragranceoftheday #fragranceaddict #fragrances #fragrancecollector #nicheperfumes #nicheperfume #luxurylifestyle #sotd #scentoftheday #fragrance #artofperfumery #fragrance_weirdo #mensgrooming #perfumeoftheday

Manoj S.
India India
I recommend this product
19 August 2020

Potent Stuff

I received the generous sample by Mohit bhai. This is too potent stuff dominated by Turkish Rose and Oud. Opening is very strong be careful while spraying. I have not smelled the inspiration but this is very well done based on notes I had expected. I am not used to oud fragrance so will take time to get adjusted to potency without getting a headache. Oud n rose lovers just blind buy this stuff, brilliantly done. Projection - first 2 hrs is superb (9.5/10) Longevity - 8 hours easily (8.5/10) Versatility - Evening wear, Fall, Winter Rating : 9/10

India India
I recommend this product
11 June 2020

Brilliant and Regal!!

It's a completely different take on perfumes. Lasts more than one day. Starts off with blast of flavours and then settles down into a class apart suave rich fragrance. It's a beautiful creation. I surely will look to buy retail pack soon. Thank you team.

India India
I recommend this product
27 May 2020


Agree...the feeling you get, once you use it, is truly royal. It comes a close second to Barong of Bali in my list.

akash p.
India India
I recommend this product
03 April 2020


Havent tested the product yet will review once done

#15653 A.
India India
I recommend this product
20 March 2020


I would prefer barong of bali over this . This is quite like those muqallat ones . Yes try before buy

Anmol R.
India India
I recommend this product
18 March 2020

Smells like gulkand and oud.

Rose and oud combination but so well done. Ingredients used are very high quality and this smells opulent if used when dressed up. One of the best creations of PPI.

Vivek S.
India India
I recommend this product
17 March 2020



Rahil P.
India India
I recommend this product
14 March 2020

Some great scents coming from Mohit and team

Keep up the good work, Nocturnal Oud is of of the best from project alternative line


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