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Below are Top All Time Bestseller Designer Women Perfumes, The List is Compiled By World Wide and India Wide Sale Data.

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Top Designer Women Perfumes

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  1. Alaïa By Alaïa Paris For Women 100ml

    ​Alaïa Paris is First Fragrance for women by Fashion Designer Alaïa.
    As low as: ₹6,999.00
  2. Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant by Kenzo for Women

    There is something so unexpectedly delightful about this oriental spicy perfume by Kenzo. You will be caught in a rich aromatic obsession consisted of mandarin orange, cloves and cumin in the top, followed by delightful heart of caraway, heliotrope, mango, ylang-ylang, gardenia, licorice, cardamom and amber-vanillic base with a touch of patchouli. Created by the master perfumers Dominique Ropion and Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant was released in 1996. It smells very boldly noir, exclusive and sensual, but also very playful at the same time. Even if Jungle L’Éléphant sounds as heavy and dense, it is far from that. Its radiance and opulence shouldn’t be underestimated in this oriental spicy perfume.
    As low as: ₹3,999.00
  3. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women

    Lovely is the first fragrance release by Sarah Jessica Parker. Created by perfumers Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry, this floral woody musk perfume if described it few words, it’s “a silky white amber". The other notes include lavender, bergamot, mandarin orange, martini, patchouli, white pepper, white amber, musk, cedar and woods. What Sarah Jessica Parker said about the creating of Lovely? She said that she didn’t want a perfume that will dominate the room, but to be very soft and quiet fragrance instead. And Lovely is all of that, indeed. It stays close to the skin and it is a very wearable perfume. It is suitable for women of different ages, it isn’t overtly feminine, and it can even be worn by men sometimes.
    As low as: ₹3,499.00
  4. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs for Women

    Daisy Eau So Fresh By Marc Jacobs is one of those perfumes that represent the gentle, young lady, gone bad for an instant. As the perfume spreads itself, beautiful, mellow tones of grapefruit, raspberry and fruit come to a perfect harmony with the placid daisy, jasmine, rose, violet, litchi and apple blossom creating an exceptional brew of sweet tones. The dry-down comes calm, as deep cedar and musk swirl with the soft plum, elevating Daisy Eau So Fresh to a whole other level of femininity and utter softness. Its bottle is the perfect representation of what’s inside. The perfect epithet this perfume deserves is: ‘Too good to be true’.
    As low as: ₹4,499.00
  5. Premier Jour by Nina Ricci for Women

    Premier Jour by Nina Ricci takes its mood from the restitution of the original codes of this brand. The fragrance is a symbol of complete understanding, and of a movement with ease in the spiritual and material. The interpretation of optimistic mandarin and joyous sweet pea into perfume form has made for a mysterious and deeply peaceful scent that debuts with a surprising gardenia and fruit mix before it slowly swirls into an intimate nuance to sweet note of the composition. Delicate orchid, vanilla, and woodsy-musky notes are the base upon which this scent is built upon, playing upon your senses with their musky and sweet natures and sending you to a place of reverie and contemplation. The majesty, the intensity, the spirituality and of the color all rolled into one mysterious and forever haunting fragrance.
    As low as: ₹3,599.00
  6. Goldea by Bvlgari for Women

    Really unique fragrance inspired of light and gold. A sweet-floral-amber combined right with a lot of sweetness to it. Beautiful, bold and heavy, and with a lasting power. The Bvlgari woman is alluring. She takes risks and is in total control of her destiny. She lives in the moment and knows how to break the rules to a given limit. Modern notes of crystal musk, orange blossom, raspberry and bergamot, effortlessly melting into the skin with a tempting trail of golden musk, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Edgy and elegant, Goldea is a truе divine. It explores the adventurous side, inspiring every woman to live life to the fullest. The feminine complement to the fragrance is that Goldea evokes the facets of this woman, capturing the play of intimacy in a oriental - floral fragrance of extravagant and alluring accords.
    As low as: ₹4,999.00
  7. My Burberry Black by Burberry for Women

    The amber-patchouli fragrance has an airy touch, bursting with top notes of jasmine. The heart notes are introduced with a candied roses and peach nectar, amber and patchouli reveal the base notes. Seductive and sweet aromas are put into in the fragrance and used as inspiration. Composition of the perfume is compared with someone who is dignified, strong and has a free spirit, who is in perfect harmony with nature. Inspired by summer holidays spent on some islands, My Burberry Black was lead by the idea of escape into nature, a heavenly place of holiday where the energy is restored and where natural balance is created.
    As low as: ₹4,999.00
  8. Si by Giorgio Armani for Women

    As the scent touches the skin, you will notice that there are a few tricks up those folded sleeves: layers of explosive may rose accords with intense freesia give Si By Giorgio Armani a distinctive fragrance, and cassis, vanilla and patchouli round out the well-chosen sense. Si embodies an exciting and rich sweetness and aromatic - woodsy heart that truly bring out the shy beauty of the ambroxan scent. These fragrant compositions are luxurious and aromatic, dedicated to the different preferences of different women. If you want an extremely luxury, passion and elegance scent, Si By Giorgio Armani is ideal for you.
    As low as: ₹4,599.00
  9. Si Intense by Giorgio Armani for Women

    Si Intense By Giorgio Armani portays a strong and passionate woman who is conceived as very confident, charismatic, sophisticated and independent. Beyond the glorious scent of sweet scent of cassis, rose and vanilla, Si Intense translates the the bravery of this woman. Si Intense envelops in a cassis and black currant, shot with glints of vibrant color: mandarin and bergamot with a silky touch of freesia. But the scent keeps sending these flashes as hints rather than sustained notes, its scent facets dancing in a delicate mist of fluffy musk. To sum up it is a pure scent of heaven: we may just about be sprouting wings and a harp.
    As low as: ₹4,999.00
  10. Chanel No. 5 for women Chanel No. 5 for women

    N°5 Chanel Eau De Parfum for women

    Chanel No. 5 Came out when Coco Chanel asked Perfumer Earnest Beaux to create a perfume which capture women in a bottle and smells like a women , since then there is no turning back and No. 5 is worlds most selling perfume. No. 5 Symbolises Good Taste and Elegance. There is Rarely any women which does not Fancy Possessing bottle of Chanel No.5 Projekt Perfumery India will make that true by offering you 100% Original Chanel No. 5 in three sizes 35ml , 100ml and 100ml
    As low as:

    Regular Price: ₹9,999.00

    Special Price ₹1,999.00

  11. Furiosa By Fendi For Women EDP Tester

    The fragrance graces us with amazing, inspiring but light hints like cedar, musk, gardenia, jasmine and a bit of red berries that really give this fragrance a touch of femininity that's quite needed. The fragrance was released in 2014 in Italy.
    As low as: ₹4,499.00
  12. Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden for Women

    Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden is like a fresh, citrus spray with a lot of added green tea. It is really good at doing one thing, which is making you feel fresh and energized. The open is wonderful, citrusy tea which does quickly fade, that will make you wish it lasted longer. But the base dry-down which becomes apparent faster than in most perfumes is just scrumptious, primarily the oakmoss and that dry-down lasts for hours and hours. It is beguiling without being in your face. A cooling, relaxing citrus green tea & mint combination that works in the hot days of spring and summer...and at the office and after the shower. Light, breezy and perfect!
    As low as: ₹1,999.00
  13. Burberry Burberry Weekend 100 ml for women

    About Burberry Weeknd 100ml For Women: Giving that this fragrance was released way back in 1997 it's an older fragrance but it's perfectly innovative and addicting once you get a hold of it.
    As low as: ₹2,999.00
  14. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue 125 ml for women

    The fragrance is full of strong but sweet notes like Lilac, Geranium and a bit of Violet in the background.
    As low as: ₹2,499.00
  15. Shalimar by Guerlain for Women

    A lighter and fresher version of Shalimar which is great for spring-wear. If you like the hallmarks of Shalimar, but lighter - this is lovely. Its powdery vanillic essence presence is gorgeous. This vintage perfume is substantial and its staying power is pretty long. It does have a milky, powdery component, and this makes it super vintage and classic without smelling too old or out of style. It opens with a strong citrus and floral notes, then creamy essences, and soft vanillic and tonka bean accords for the sweet dry-down at the very end.
    As low as: ₹5,499.00
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Items 1 to 15 of 22 total

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