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Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud is a Known Brand straight from Middle East and Famous for Amazing Perfumes at Budget Price Tag.

Arabian Oud has Stores Across Middle East and some Top Sellers Includes Fragrances Like
Arabian Oud Woody For Men , Woody Intense Intense
Mukhallat Shahrayar.
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  1. Attractive Men by Arabian Oud for Men

    Exhilaratingly liberated, bewitchingly feminine, Attractive Men by Arabian Oud is a boldly sexy new fragrance. Built around a lush Star Anise Flower, equally fresh and ravishingly rich, Attractive Men takes that beauty and adds a touch of the infraction, sucking us in with a forbidden accord of sweet Mahogany Wood and rosemary flower spiked with a subtle but dangerous spice blend. In the complex and layered dry-down, honey leaves and cashmere wood extend the longevity and power of the scent, delivering seductive temptation. Pretty enough to put a smile on your face, yet sexy and dark enough to put impure thoughts into your mind, Attractive Men is another deceptively sophisticated stunner.
    As low as: ₹4,999.00
  2. Mukhallt Shahyarar By Arabian Oud 100ml Eau De Toilette

    Shahyarar by Arabian Oud was released in 2012 and it was one of the first editions that Arabian Oud has created. It has hints like Vetiver, Violet and Mint combined together that create a very Spicy, Woody but Aromatic scent. It is very light and it has a
    As low as: ₹5,999.00
  3. Woody Arabian Oud Woody Arabian Oud

    Woody Arabian Oud

    Woody by Arabian Oud is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. Top note is agarwood (oud), middle notes would be patchouli and rose & the base notes are musk and amber.
    As low as:

    Regular Price: ₹4,999.00

    Special Price ₹2,999.00

  4. Kalemat by Arabian Oud for Women and Men

    Kalemat from the Saudi perfume house Arabian Oud is a gorgeous oriental amber perfume in a rich, long-lasting and heady brew that is incredibly addictive. It starts begins with a burst of sweet blueberry jam, which soon transitions into lightly sweetened honey, and elegant smokiness. As Kalemat dries down, very well-blended barely-sweetened and lightly spiced floral notes with bits of cashmere woodiness emerge. They are joined by a sly hint of greenness and rosemary accords. It finishes cozy and warm, with soft blend of amber, woods and musk with a little honey drizzled on top, making Kalemat a perfect comforting winter scent. As it comes to the packaging, Kalemat is one of the most sophisticated perfumes housed in a large, rectangular box, resembling a book.
    As low as: ₹5,499.00
  5. Majestic by Arabian Oud for Women

    Majestic is an amazing floral fruity perfume with a wonderful oud woody base, It starts off with elegant bitter bergamot notes with fruity nuances, lemony fresh wild rose and sweet, fruity tart notes. So fresh and invigorating! After a while, Majestic reaches very pleasant green heart, featuring bitter herbal artemisia accords, accompanied by intensely deep and intoxicating hyacinth and some dry woody notes. The elegant composition lies on rich agarwood and musky base. Aromatic and calming incense smokiness together with the lovely sandalwood, create an oriental finishing touch. Majestic is a light and wearable fragrance that can be worn during warm spring and summer days or nights.
    As low as: ₹8,999.00
  6. Arabian Legend Gold by Arabian Oud

    Mysterious and sexy, Legend Gold is the oriental scent for the woman who wants to provoke, turn heads, raise the heartbeat and to be noticed. It is both intimate and overt, an intoxicating fragrance to be loved by, literally, everyone. Mandarin orange and saffron absolutely resonate with the dry heat of patchouli and rose. Absolutely captivating, Legend Gold captures that bittersweet moment when the earth is about to wake up from its winter slumber. It's an addictive kind of fragrance, the kind you will make sure to put on your wrists just so you can partake in its warmy delights.
    As low as: ₹12,999.00
  7. Black Kalemat Black Kalemat

    Kalemat Black(Seher E Kalemat) by Arabian Oud for Women and Men

    Kalemat Black from the Saudi perfume house Arabian Oud is a gorgeous Oriental redolence which is a rich brew of ingredients . The smooth journey commences from the herbaceous notes of Basil and Olibanum which then transition into the caramelized heart of vanilla that is creamy and sumptuous . The base is a heavenly blend of oriental Amber and Agarwood . The perfume is cozy and comforting . .
    As low as:

    Regular Price: ₹7,499.00

    Special Price ₹1,999.00

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7 Item(s)