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Aramis Holds a Dignity in Field of Perfumery , First Perfume was Aramis By Aramis which is one of Record Breaking Fragrances for Highest Sales and being Cult Symbol of 70s.

Aramis is part of Estee Lauder Group and Has Launched some High Quality Niche Perfumes as Below:

Aramis Calligraphy
Aramis Calligraphy Rose
Aramis Calligraphy Saffron

Other Fragrnaces Includes:
Aramis Havana
Aramis Tuscany Per UOMO

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  1. Aramis Calligraphy Rose Eau De Parfum

    Aramis Calligraphy Rose was released in 2013. It is a relatively new fragrance & it has hints of Rose & Myrrh that give the whole fragrance a Balsamic, Smoky scent. The fragrance is very long lasting and addicting. You will enjoy it.
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  2. Aramis Havana Aramis Havana

    Havana by Aramis for Men

    A saturated, dewy, warm spicy woody with tobacco notes, Havana by Aramis is a serene drift down a lazy river. The richness of artemisia, caraway, mandarin orange and basil floats deliriously over bracing cinnamon notes, as Havana sets out on its languid journey. Then, a strange, complex tobacco note, utterly compelling, swims up through the other scents. Havana becomes lusher, sandalwood mingling with scents of oakmoss and vetiver. As it moves downstream towards the base notes, Havana changes tide, its warm notes receding in favor of animalic aspects. Smooth, sueded patchouli emerges and mingles with soft carnation and fir as Havana reveals a more wanton side. Verdant, refined and just this side of lusty, Havana turns out to be the naughtiest оriental spicy fragrance we’ve encountered for some time.
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2 Item(s)