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By Kilian

By Kilian comes from Streets of Paris and is a renowned name in world of luxury perfumes.

2007 was an remarkable year when By Kilian launched its Perfumes, By Kilian created an revolution in perfume world.

By Kilian has 50 plus fragrances in its Arsenal.

Top Sellers from By Kilian:

Back to Black By Kilian

Apple Brandy By Kilian

Love By Kilian

Straight to Heaven By Kilian

Intoxicate By Kilian

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  1. Back to Black By Kilian for Women and Men

    Back to Black By Kilian is the sixth fragrance composed for this perfume house by Calice Becker. It is a velvet-smooth, head-turning, love potion of tobacco notes slyly evoked through the faintly animalic, herbal scent of labdanum and chamomile laced with white honey; the honey in its turn conjures faintly floral aromas. Throughout its development, Back to Black runs through unique olfactory stages of subtly gourmand flavors, from ripe cherry and almost fermented raspberry, bittery bergamot freshness to dry cocoa powder of patchouli, along with bitter sweet almond and vanilla mixture, but not too sweet because of the cooling effect of vetiver, cardamom, coriander and moss.
    As low as: ₹2,999.00
  2. Light My Fire by Kilian for Women and Men

    Light My Fire dissects the finest tobacco leaves, the olfactory pinnacle of Monte Cristo. Light My Fire is a fragrance to stimulate both women and men. The top notes plunge with recklessness of desire into the dark tang of tobacco leaf evoked by dry aromatic cumin, earthy patchouli, tedded hay and vetiver. The sweetness of blossoms in wild honey is morphing into a warm base of vanilla, the zest of white heliotrope, creamy tonka beans and smoky birchwood. Tobacco leaves are languorously unrolled & fantastically reconstructed to puff smoke rings around the imagination.
    As low as: ₹15,999.00
  3. Apple Brandy by Kilian for Women and Men

    Some fragrances are not meant to be versatile, practical, daily experiences. They’re intended to be playful whimsy, sultry. Apple Brandy definitely belongs to the second category. The scent opens as a fruity rum cocktail, delicately garnished with apple slices. It gets warmer quickly, taking on amber notes and heavier oak. Within a few minutes, it's closer to something you would reasonably call brandy, and the apple garnish, meanwhile, transforms into something more like baked apple with a caramelized sugar topping with a scoop of vanilla-bean ice cream. The sweet notes are lightly done and much less forceful than the wood notes, so it never gets too overwhelmingly gourmand.
    As low as: ₹1,499.00
  4. Rose Oud By Kilian for Women and Men

    Rose Oud By Kilian is a true work of art, both complicated and edgy, comfortable and compellingly wearable, this dramatic, sensual and velvety perfume is part of ‘Arabian Nights' collection. This simultaneously powerful yet elegant, exotic oud fragrance is a result of a great collaboration between Kilian Hennessy and master perfumer Alberto Morillas. The central ingredient of this fragrance is complex, enigmatic and animalic musk oud. It opens with fresh lemon notes spiced with a bright burst of warm cardamom and coriander mix. The heart notes reveal a floral explosion of luscious rose, enhanced with rum extract adding a liquorish sweetness to the whole story. Smoky incense musk and earthy patchouli blends with the main ingredient to create a magically balanced apex.
    As low as: ₹1,999.00
  5. Cruel Intentions By Kilian for Women and Men

    This seductive unisex fragrance with dominant sweet woody rose finds its home around the balsamic notes of oud. By Kilian's Cruel Intentions is velvety smooth, inviting and provocative at the same time. The opening is orange-lemony scents with bergamot quickly dissipating into a woody heart. Guaiac Wood, Papyrus, Agarwood (Oud) and Haitian vetiver bring sophisticated elegance and earthy mystery, while the entire scent dances around the base notes of warm golden styrax, castoreum, sandalwood, vetiver and musky notes. A well-done rose and welcoming sweet vanilla throughout the dry-down keep a perfect balance while the fresh bergamot and woody vetiver notes die out relatively quickly.
    As low as: ₹1,599.00
  6. In the City of Sin By Kilian for Men and Women

    In The City of Sin is a rich formation of fruits and spices, woods and flowers, in which the odor of fruit liquefies and melts onto the intoxicating woods. The fragrance opens with an explosion of Calabrian bergamot, pink peppercorns and Guatemalan cardamom. It then evolves into a middle of apricots and caramelized plums held together by the Turkish rose. Light hazes of Indonesian incense gives a profound depth, further sustained by Virginia and Atlas Cedar woods and rich Indonesian Patchouli. The City of Sin is where the door opens onto a universe without limits: the quest for ecstasy is launched.
    As low as: ₹1,799.00
  7. Sacred Wood By Kilian for Women and Men

    Though originally intended as a base, the composition of Sacred Wood, just worked so beautifully on its own, and within the initial theme of the collection, that Kilian Hennessy snapped it up for the last episode of his Asian Tales. Sacred Wood urges the mystical scent with fascinating accuracy: like its model, it is so faceted and rich, it is a fragrance in and out of itself. Sacred wood is a harmonized composition of milk and sandalwood, providing an extraordinary creaminess and sweetness. Its silky, sensuous scent is stunningly long-lasting, though never overwhelming. It is the answer to all of the prayers of all sandalwood lovers.
    As low as: ₹19,999.00
  8. Light My Fire By Kilian for Women and Men

    Light my fire is a fragrance created to stimulate both sexes. Defying tradition, Kilian Hennessy and Sidonie Lancesseur reject the radiance of Top Notes to plunge with the recklessness of desire into the dark zestiness of tobacco leaf evoked by dry odorous cumin, tedded hay, earthy patchouli and vetiver. The sweetness blossoms in wild honey melting into a warm base of vanilla, the almond kick of white heliotrope, creamy tonka bean and smoky birchwood. Cigar leaves deliberately unrolled & reconstructed to run smoke rings around the fantasy, and the 'soft blue veil of the steam musing on the loved one's face' to rephrase Rudyard Kipling, Imperial poet and aficionado of smokes.
    As low as: ₹14,999.00
  9. Imperial Tea By Kilian for Women and Men

    Twisted by tea notes in fine fragrance, she set out to compose her own. The result is a jaw-droppingly realistic portrayal of the steam swirling from a fresh cup of the finest jasmine tea. Kilian Hennessy found it so perfect for the Asian Tales collection that he included the blend as is, an odd step since he usually is the one who provides perfumers with a storyline. The light formula of Imperial Tea sets it more in the Cologne range. Anyways, the scent is so addictive and refreshing you'll want to spray yourself over and over. After this, tea notes in fragrances will never be the same.
    As low as: ₹14,999.00
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9 Item(s)