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Dueto Parfums

Dueto Parfums are based on Urban Theme and All perfumes are Blended for Urban Youth.

Top Sellers from Dueto Parfums are:

Golden Boy By Dueto Parfums

Citiver by Dueto Parfums

Uber By Dueto parfums

City Love By Dueto Parfums

City Oud By Dueto Parfums

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  1. Dueto Citiver 100ml Eau De Toilette For Men and Women

    Dueto Citiver, This fragrance was created in 2013 by Ursula Wandel. The whole company is relatively new, founded in 2010. This particular fragrance has hints of Cedar, Musk, Amber, Grapefruit & Bergamot. All of those hints create a very citrusy scent
    As low as: ₹1,799.00
  2. Golden Boy By Dueto Parfums Eau De Parfum

    Dueto Parfums was founded in France but the Company is from The United States. This fragrance, Golden Boy was released in 2011 not so long after the launch of the company. It has hints of Violet and Saffron mixed together, making the fragrance irresistible
    As low as: ₹1,799.00
  3. City Love by Dueto Parfums for Women and Men

    City Love by Dueto Parfums is a creamy, blossomy, woody musk fragrance for both women and men. The perfume opens with three powerfully vivid scents: violet, lemongrass and cinnamon followed by a flowery-sweet (almost syrupy) essence of geranium and rose embraced by a smoky, mild vanilla-amber base accord. Romantic and sensual rose infused with luxurious oriental notes are epitomizing the harmonious brew of east meets west. It's a thick scent, probably better suited for colder weather and at night. If you have a sweet tooth and a weakness for guilty pleasures, this perfume is the right thing for you.
    As low as: ₹4,999.00
  4. Uber by Dueto Parfums for Women and Men

    Dueto Uber is a zesty, deep, night-time perfume, only for the ones who like taking risks. It has an amazing deep, woody scent making it equally mysterious and irresistible. It opens up with the tangy ginger followed by a spice duo: artemisia and coriander. The labdanum, vetiver and geranium give the fragrance a slight caramelized sweetness balanced enough to keep the sultriness. The oud, musk, amber and patchouli build up and outstanding symphony of aromas you have to smell at least once in a lifetime. Its flask is a preppy sophisticated glass creation in orange and black, just as appropriate as the wild nature of this perfume.
    As low as: ₹4,999.00
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4 Item(s)