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Gallagher Fragrances


Gallagher Fragrances is brainchild of Daniel Gallagher , Creativity and Artisan Instinct is what made Dan to create Gallagher Fragrances.

The Creations are adorable and would touch individuals soul in one way or other.

There is something for everyone in this line and the creations are to the point, Being Likeable as well as Creative at same point.

All Indie Fragrances are Complex and High Quality , What makes Gallagher Fragrances Unique is being Complex to the right level and High Quality at same time.

Founded on June 6th, 2016.Gallagher Fragrances have made a mark in Fragrance Community for Extra ordinary creations.

Projekt Perfumery India is Proud to Bring you Gallagher Fragrances Exclusive in India.

In Words of Perfumer , Daniel Gallagher

The story goes…

Upon returning home from work one day, my fiancée smelled the new fragrance I was wearing, and without missing a beat, said that a co-worker of hers wears the same exact fragrance. Needless to say, this fragrance made its way to the back of the shelf and I was on the hunt for a new fragrance, yet again.

At this point, I visited your normal retailers that carry the normal crowd-pleasing designer fragrances, but I couldn’t find any that really interested me. I began to branch out into artisan/indie/niche fragrances. After trying out a handful, I realized that these were quality products that were far more unique! But, something still wasn’t sitting quite right. I had a creative itch one day and began researching perfumery and the rest is history.

— Welcome to Gallagher Fragrances.

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