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Jesus Del Pozo

Spanish fashion designer Jesús del Pozo was born in Madrid in 1946. During his career he received many professional awards and recognition from eminent designers. In 1974 he opened The first menswear fashion store by Jesús del Pozo was opened in 1974 and in 1980 he started creating his very own prêt-à-porter ladieswear collections. He entered the world of perfumes in 1992. The first fragrance to be launched by Jesús del Pozo was Duende, followed by Quasa and Esencia de Duende, Halloween in 1997, Quasar Adventure in 1999, and the most recent ones include: J. del Pozo In Black, Halloween kiss, Ámbar, Arabian Nights, Noble Musk Nights and Rose Oud. Even after Jesús del Pozo’s death, after Grupo Perfumes y Diseño acquired the brand, it still remained one of the most credible Spanish houses on a national level. Today the company took on the name DELPOZO, with Josep Font as a Creative Director. Top Seller Perfumes from Jesús del Pozo: Ambar, In Black, Arabian Nights, Arabian Nights Private Collection, Noble Musk Nights, Rose Oud, Desert Flowers Dahlia, Desert Flowers Lily and Desert Flowers Peony Buy Jesús del Pozo Niche Perfumes Online in India at Projekt Perfumery India's Official Website
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