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The master perfumer behind this brand is Alessandro Gualtieri, calling himself "The Nose". Alessandro Gualtieri claims that his own nose is the only thing that he follows through the olfactory spiritual journey. He launched his first personal perfume line in 2007, and he called it Nasomatto, an Italian phrase for having a ‘crazy nose’. This Italian perfumer is currently creating and living in Amsterdam with his Dutch wife and their children. Nasomatto fragrances are rich, modern and full of personality, reflecting Alessandro Gualtieri’s fiery joie de vivre and love of all things fragranced. The lasting power of Nasomatto perfumes is remarkable, highly concentrated parfum extrait is presented in amazingly designed architectural bottles topped with artisan wooden caps. Top Seller Perfumes from Nasomatto: Absinth, China White, Black Afgano, Blamage, Duro, Hindu Grass, Narcotic Venus, Nuda, Pardon and Silver Musk Buy Nasomatto Niche Perfumes Online in India at Projekt Perfumery India's Official Website


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