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Olympic Orchids

Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes is Brain Child of Award Winning Perfumer Ellen Covey.

The Name itself Reflects the Scents are Produced by Orchid Flowers , Grown at Olympic Orchids Nursery in the Northwest.

At Projekt Perfumery India Offers Top 10 Best Sellers from Olympic Orchids and Discovery Set of 20 Fragrances from this House.

All Perfumes are Really High performing Olfactory Extravaganza.

Message From perfumer herself :

Dear friends in India,
We are pleased and excited to announce that Projekt Perfumery will be offering our fragrant creations in your part of the world! Our scents are designed and formulated by multi-award-winning perfumer Ellen Covey and hand-produced in small batches in Seattle, on the west coast of the USA. Our motto is, “extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people”, and our perfumes are indeed both highly original and top quality. The fragrances in our line are unlike any others, ranging from orchid flower perfumes to contemporary and avant-garde concepts, all executed using traditional quality processes and materials.

We look forward to bringing our wearable art to all of you fragrance lovers in India!

- Olympic Orchids Perfumes Projekt Perfumery India is Official Distributor and Retailer of Olympic Orchids Perfumes in India and South East East, Refrain from Buying from Unauthorize sources to ensure you get Original Products and support Independent Perfumers.
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