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Rochas is Perfume House from Paris, Many Renowned Fashion Figures like Tom Ford and Award Winning perfumers have Worked with Rochas. Top Sellers:
Lui By Rochas Man By Rochas
Man INtense By Rochas
Reflets By Rochas
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  1. Lui By Rochas for Men

    This fragrance works beautifully with all the simple notes and minimalistic ingredients that go into each note. It was created by Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie. Top notes are fresh with a simple blend of Lemon and sharp scent of Neroli.
    As low as: ₹999.00
  2. Rochas Man by Rochas for Men

    Sweet fresh bergamot and gentle balsamic notes of lavender…one can almost feel the scrape of the barber’s blade against our cheek and hear the snap as he pulls his leather strap taut. Close your eyes and slip into the comfort, all-male environment, evoking memories of your morning grooming rituals. Wearing Man by Rochas is like stepping into the bathroom, smelling gorgeously of gentle grassy and fresh notes so sharp that they slap you awake. The bone structure is– soft, creamy and warm together with vanilla, sandal, amber and the gourmand tone of coffee. But the story doesn’t stop there. Clean, aromatic, mossy, and charmingly direct, we would be surprised if this fragrance wasn’t an immediate hit with wet shavers and lovers of retro masculines.
    As low as: ₹2,999.00
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2 Item(s)