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Shaik is a combination of luxury, quality and opulence, encapsulating all the dramatic and mystical links of the desert and recapturing the traditional heritage and culture of the Shaik and Arabia. Designer Shaik’s passion and inspiration is to use his creations as a representation of a aesthetic, cultural and emotional bridge between the east and the west. The headquarters are located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where the professional and passionate design team is dedicated not only to maintain the high standards that the customers expect, but also aim at creating innovative, lifestyle based exquisite perfumes for their opulent collections. Designer Shaik not only a successful entrepreneur and a world-class businessman, but he is also a romantic visionary, a compelling creator and a passionate designer, and so are his unique perfumes: enlightening, liberating and empowering. Top Seller Perfumes from Shaik: Chic Shaik No. 30, Chic Shaik No. 70, Opulent Shaik Classic No. 33, Opulent Shaik Classic No. 77, Opulent Shaik Gold Edition for Men and Opulent Shaik Gold Edition for Women Buy Shaik Niche Perfumes Online in India at Projekt Perfumery India's Official Website


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