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Tauer is a Fragrance House that was launched first in Switzerland in 2005, it's a relatively new company that has had many fragrances that were really popular.
Some of those popular fragrances are: Lonesome Rider, Orris and Incense Extreme.
Recent Chart Topper Fragrances from House of Andy Tauer:
Lonesome Rider By Tauer
Phi Rose D Kandhar By Tauer
L'Air D Desert Moracian By Tauer

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  1. Rose Incense by Andy Tauer for Women and Men

    Incense Rose is mysterious mixture of contrasts, deep and sensual mesmerizing blend of citrus notes, sweet Bulgarian rose and a hint of cardamom. Clementine and bergamot lend the rose a ripe, spicy quality, whereas orris gives the scent a lively and sparkling feel. The woody Texas Cedar and the balsamic notes of labdanum, vetiver, patchouli, myrrh and resins are creating a rich and dark mixture. Full of character, seductive and elegant, Incense Rose will be a perfect scent for the lovers of incense perfumes with charming deep notes. Andy Tauer is the creator of this lovely fragrance, while Dezso Bodi is behind its beautifully designed bottle.
    As low as: ₹9,999.00
  2. L`Air du Desert Marocain Tauer Perfumes 50ml

    Hints of Caraway and Coriander make this a very sophisticated & elegant perfume. Produced since 2005 by Andy Tauer.
    As low as: ₹9,999.00
  3. Lonesome Rider by Tauer Perfumes for Women and Men

    Lonesome Rider is sensuously smoky, hypnotically dry mix of earth, leather, florals, spices and a hefty dose of iris lending a buttery softness to balance the smoke. This perfume created by Tauer Perfumes starts off with peppery-spicy citrus notes, over a mild leather backdrop, for a floral bouquet to later join in, making it a perfect outdoorsy set-up. Then the leather takes it turn with its deeper and rough texture, and the perfect balance between the woody notes and lovely iris smooth everything over. The nose behind this fragrance is Andy Tauer.
    As low as: ₹10,999.00
  4. 12 Eau D'Epices by Tauer Perfumes for Women and Men

    12 Eau D'Epices is dry, cool and full of unexpected notes. A fascinating mix of spices: clove, cardamom, cinnamon and mandarin orange. And it is not just about the intoxicating blend of spices, but the way spices blend with the woody notes and with the floral bouquet of aromatic jasmine and orange flowers. A dark and insinuating incarnation of orange blossom makes its presence known and dominant, a perfect balance with the earthy orris root. Various of sweet and warm notes in the base complement this complicated, but yet very smooth fragrance, including: vetiver, French labdanum, amber and tonka beans. Soothing and delicate, this perfume by Andy Tauer will make you fell in love with each note it brings from opening to closing stage.
    As low as: ₹9,199.00
  5. Vetiver Dance by Tauer Perfumes for Women and Men

    Vetiver Dance is truly remarkable and unique fragrance suitable for both women and men. Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer's new Vetiver Dance is stunningly elegant and emotional fragrance built around the raw beauty of musty vetiver. The woody scent with bitter chocolate and smoke facets that vetiver brings, has always been a fascination for the creator behind this perfume. The story behind the dominant and powerful vetiver scent is Tauer's fascination with natural vetiver oil. It took one year to bring this perfume to life, and he created a fragrant shrine celebrating its dry earthiness and joyous sensuality. Florals bring a slight brightness in the heart notes, to evolve in deeper woody scents of cedar and musky ambergris, topped with sweet tonka bean notes as it comes to a dry-down.
    As low as: ₹9,999.00
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