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TrudiBleu London


Trudi Bleu is a Joint Venture project between Kenndra Trading Ltd (United Kingdom) and Xeryus Retail Pvt Ltd (India).

Projekt Perfumery India is a project concieved by Xeryus Retail and holds deep understanding of Indian Designer & Niche Fragrance Market.

Kenndra brings its deep expertise in niche fragrance industry and has nurtured successful brands like Panah London with access to over 10000 perfume variants and talented perfumers.

Kenndra brings its strong expertise in delivering high quality fragrances and cutting edge Technology while Xeryus works on the marketing & distribution lines in UAE and India.

Together they have created a Product which is truly the First Niche Fragrance line tailored just for India.

The "TrudiBleu" Project was created after 18 Months of hard work and brainstorming which led to the conception of a Perfect Entry Level Niche Fragrance Line , bespoke as per Indian Weather Conditions , Indian Economy Factor and Indian Culture.

In every perfumery article we read that "Indian Culture embraces a Rich Aromatic Heritage, Where Perfumery is over 5000 years old. ", however, there is much more to it.

Brands across the globe borrow perfumery elements from India and make successful Billion Dollar Projects Brands lIke Creed , Chanel ,Christian Dior , Roja Dove and many more Procure major chunk of Ingredients used in their perfumes from India.

While Indie Brands like Byredo, Neela Vermiere , D.S. & Durga are vastly Inspired from Indian Culture , you would see many Indian elements in over 1000s of mega hit perfumes. For Example: Indian Holi By Kenzo , Bombay Bling/Asoka/Pichola By Neela Vermiere -The Whole Line Circles around India.

Commercial brands like Bvlgari too have Fragrances like "Omnia Indian Garnet" , DKNY has "Cashmere Mist" , Un Jardin Apres La Mousson by Hermes is also Inspired from the First Rain in God's Own Country, Kerala .

Its Ironical , with so much of Indian aromas in Perfumes and Perfumery, None of these brands have focused on Indian Market and Indian Consumers.

Hence , Acting swiftly on the need of the hour - Xeryus Retail (Parent Entity of Projekt Perfumery India) Collaborated with Kenndra Trading Ltd (United Kingdom) and Created Something which is Truly Made for India and Implements World Class Perfumery Know how and Infrastructure.

TrudiBleu brings best of both worlds , Technology and Production Techniques from the West Beautifully Blended with Rich Indian Culture and Heritage .

The Fragrances are Truly Niche but with Designer Price Tag. The TrudiBleu Project along with Projekt Perfumery India has been taken up as a Management Research Case Study by IIM Ahmedabad's Armed Forces Programme Candidates and presented to Top Management Gurus of India (Panel Includes Bahubali Director SS Rajamouli).

The Debut Collection includes four Fragrances:

Italian Neroli - "Fragrance Crafted in USA"

Belle Rose Ambre - "Fragrance Crafted in Switzerland"

Italian Citrus -"Fragrance Crafted in Switzerland"

Dolce Pineapple = "Fragrance Crafted in Spain(Barcelona)"

TrudiBleu plans to add 4 Variants every Quarter of 2018, Making 16 Fragrances in year 2018 alone. After all , Indian Culture is considered to be the Richest and we can make a Perfume inspired from every Single Inspiring Element of Indian Culture , untapping Potential worth Making Millions of Perfumes.


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