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Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef and Arpel is Fragrance House Headquartered in France and Established in 1896.

One of Renowned Fragrance House is Owned by Inter Parfums.

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Van Cleef and Arpel Orchidée Vanille,
Van Cleef and Arpel Precious Oud
Van Cleef and Arpel Bois D'Iris
MIdnight in Paris
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  1. Ambre Imperial By Van Cleef and Arpels

    This spicy fragrance for women and men is a new launched product by Van Cleef & Arpels. Their major source of inspiration is the beauty of nature. Ambre Imperial is a celebration of one of the most luxurious ingredients in perfumery. You could smell the generous dose of heavy and oriental vanilla. The rich and dense aroma of the amber is glorified by the precious aromas of benzoin and roasted tonka bean, giving it a very sensual note. The freshness of the pink pepper and bergamot add a charismatic touch to this sweetly intense composition.
    As low as: ₹6,199.00
  2. Van Cleef & Arpels Moonlight Patchouli for Women and Men

    Moonlight Patchouli emerges between light and shadow. The mysterious composition echos the poetic vision as the moon illuminates the night with its halo. This new fragrance by Van Cleef & Arpels was launched in 2016. The top notes are cacao, patchouli leaf and woodsy notes. Patchouli is a commonly used scent in perfumes, usually found at the base of perfumes, as it has a woody and powdery note, making it very sensual and mysterious at the same time. Even if the mixture of the iris, rose and the powdery notes, sound like quite a feminine fragrance, this is a unisex perfume.
    As low as: ₹6,199.00
  3. Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Rose Velours for Women

    Rose Velours is part of Cleef & Arpels most exquisite line - Collection Extraordinaire. Just like the other single-flower fragrances that are part of this luxurious collection, Rose Velours is an authentically artistic creation and a tribute to nature's beauty. It is based on the most feminine and complex aromas of rose and is described as gorgeous, charming and captivating composition. There are some ozonic elements in the top notes; the violet leaf gives the opening a green edge, and after a while the rose scent and the sweet honey emerge - a great progression of the scent, elegant and long lasting.
    As low as: ₹6,199.00
  4. Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Precious Oud for Women and Men

    The main ingredient of this charming perfume is the oud wood, a tree found in India and Asia, which reveals its powerful scent only when special fungus settles in the wood. Woody and balsamic, the Oud adds very earthy and leathery accents to this sensual fragrance. Van Cleef and Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Precious Oud comes in a classic flacon, shaped just like the other fragrances of the Extraordinaire collection, made of glass with a dark, cylindrical stopper.
    As low as: ₹6,199.00
  5. Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Orchidee Vanille for Women and Men

    Orchidee Vanille by Van Cleef & Arpels is a smoky floral fragrance with a perfect blend of the fruity notes of mandarin orange and litchi, combined with the wild scent of the bitter almond and the boldness of the dark chocolate, accented with sensual floral notes of the violet and the Bulgarian rose. The richness of the vanilla is complemented with the sensual woody cedar scent, balsamic tonka bean and notes of transparent white musk.
    As low as: ₹6,199.00
  6. Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Bois D’Iris for Women

    The Bois D'Iris for Women by Van Cleef & Arpels, which is part of the Collection Extraordinaire has perfect spicy sweetness, but never too much, with shades of greenness playing with the main theme. The opening is with the citrusy scent of the iris, lightly sweetened, rather creamy, and peppery-spicy, to get more sweet and vanillic as it dries down, as the spicy notes slightly fade. The base is atypically and enchanting woody, dry, almost-smoky. The delicate exotic wood notes are punctuated with the vibrant ambergris, while the iris brings a soft elegance and sensuality.
    As low as: ₹6,199.00
  7. Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Gardenia Petale for Women

    This luxury perfume is created with the finest raw materials in the tradition of French authentic perfumery Van Cleef & Arpels,as one of the fragrances of Collection Extraordinaire. Gardenia Petale is beautifully elegant, softly inviting, but not overpowering. Graceful and opulent at the same time, this fragrance is a soft captivating floral gardenia that awakens all the senses. This unique composition opens with an accord of citrusy and green notes, followed by soft floral dominance of finest lily-of-the-valley scents and exotic jasmine flowers, finishing with the feminine Jasmine and White Flowers in full bloom.
    As low as: ₹6,199.00
  8. Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef and Arpels

    About Midnight in Paris By Van Cleef and Arpels: A charming and mysterious scent, Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels For Him is a unique scent which complements a perfect gentleman.
    As low as: ₹2,599.00
  9. Midnight in Paris EDP by Van Cleef & Arpels for Men

    Discontinued Hard to Find EDP Version Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels smells like the warm summer air, scents of freshly cut grass and flowers, and some earthy aromas. It was introduced in 2010. Midnight in Paris is a floral-leather fragrance with oriental nuances, developed by perfumers Olivier Polge and Domitille Bertier. Midnight in Paris is a splash of aromas presented all at once. The initial opening sparks are brighter and citrusy though, followed by smoky notes, rosemary and leather undertones. Streamer of styrax mixed with bursts of warm tonka bean, a glimmer of tea accords, and woody powder. Even though the notes in this fragrance fade quickly, the dominant tonka bean stays true to its essence until the complete dry-down.
    As low as: ₹3,499.00
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9 Item(s)