Inspirational Index Of Projekt Alternative
1000 BHP -Inspired by PDM Layton
555 BHP -Inspired By PDM Herod
African Whip 20ml-Inspired By Memo African Leather
All That Jazz -Inspired By Jazz Club
Alpha Aoud -Inspired By Roja H The Aoud
Anubis -Inspired By Egyptian Smoke Dunhill
AquaHawas -Inspired By Invictus Aqua
AquaKill -Inspired by MFK Aqua Universalis Forte
Ares -Inspired by Versace Eros
Arjuna -Inspired By Nishane Hacivat
Asylum MI2 -Inspired By Roja Elysium
Berzerker 3 Nuit -Inspired By Roja Perfume De La Nuit 3
Bhasmasur Iris -Inspired By Interlude Black Iris
Birched Alexa -Aventus + Birch Overdose
Black Cardamom -Inspired by YSL La Nuit D L Homme
Black Current Rose -Inspired By Franck Boclet Cocaine
Black Rooster -Inspired By Byredo Bal D Afrique
Black Rooster X Leather -Inspired by Black Afghano Black Saffron
C++ Profumo -Inspired by Code Profumo
Ceaser's Palace -Inspired By Al Jazeera Palace
Chypre Punk -Inspired By Tizizana Terenzi Kirke
Cyrus The Great -Inspired by YSL Kouros
Dirty Lover -Inspired By FM French Lover
Dramatic Vanilla -Inspired By Vanilla Diorama
Drip-I - Gourmand Tonka By Project Alternative-Inspired By GCD Feve Delicieuse
Duryodhana A.K.A. D'Money -Inspired By Nishane Ani
Ecstatic XXX -Inspired By Jubilation xxx
Ego Trip -Inspired By Platinum Egoiste
Envy Dragon -Inspired by Gucci Envy Men
Fight Fire Wid Fire -Inspired by By the Fireplace MMM
Flower of Narcissus -Inspired By Virtus Narcosus
Gate Of KunLun 2.0 -Inspired By Silver Mountain Water
GINGER X -Inspired By Dior Homme Sport 2012
Green Life 2.0 -Inspired By Creed Green Irish Tweed
Hastinapur -Inspired By Roja UAE
HillBilly -Inspired By YSL Rive Gauche Vintage
Holy Diver -inspired By Xerjoff Naxos
Hydro Osbesk -Inspired By Chanel Homme Edition Blanche
In Da Club Intense -Insipired By CDNMI/Aventus
In Da Club Intense -Inspired by Aventus
Inquilab Elixir -Inspired By CD Sauvage Elixir
Kathakali - Krishna -Inspired By Marc Antoine Borris Genymade
King of Clubs -inspired by JPG Ultra Male
Luna Oud -Inspired By DnG Desert Oud
Machismo -Inspired By AnF Fierce
Matador Black -Inspired By Montale Black Oud
Melon XTC -Inspired By: Millesime Imperiale By Creed
Mindfuck -Inspired By TF Fukin Fabulous
Minimal Oud -Inspired By CD Oud Ispahan
Mitti Noir 2.0 -Inspired By Terre D Hermes
Mysore Super Gold -Inspired By Xerjoff Richwood
No Mercy -Inspired By Nasamato Pardon
NOMAD -Alternative Of LV Ombre Noman
Northern Lights -Inspired By Amouage Meander
Ode a la Rose -Inspired By Frederic Malle Promise
Oud VooDoo Intense -Inspired By TF - Oud Wood
Powder White -Inspired By Creed Pure White Cologne
Principles of Lust -Inspired By Roja Enigma
Psychedelic Rose -Inspired By Tauer Rose D Kandhar
QC Grey -Inspired By Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
QC Leather -Inspired By Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
Red Smaug -Inspired By : Red Tobacco By Mancera
RosenKaffe -Inspired By Montale Intense Cafe
S.A.I.N.T. -Inspired By Rasasi Hawas
Sarqia -Inspired By Serge Lutens Chergui
Shiva Sutra Limited-Inspired Nasamato Black Afghano With Oud
SLIGHER -Inspired By Burberry London Men
SOLAR -Inspired By Amouage Reflectin
SpiGu - Spiced Guava-Inspired By Zarko Molecule Pink Molecule
SpiVaCa - Spiced Vanilla Cardamom-OG Blend
TaTu - Tangerine Tuberose-OG Blend
TeaFi - White Tea and Fig-Inspired By Wulong Cha + GreenTea
The Cocoa Greed -Inspired By Chocolate Greedy Montale
Tribute to Paul -Inspired by Coolwater Men Vintage
Turk's Tea -Inspired By Nishane Wulong Cha
Tux-X -Inspired By Roja Enigma
UOMO By Perfumologist-Inspired by Tom Ford Japan Noir
W.ALT -TWILIGHT -Inspired By Coco Mademosaille
Wacken -Inspired By Music Festival MMM
WhSh - Clean White Shirt-Inspired By Clean White Linen
Wild Orchid -Inspired By Tom Ford Black Orchid
Woodcore - I -Inspired By Chanel Sycomore
Santal 33 Labology-Inspired By Le Labo Santal 33
Rose 2.0 Labology-Inspired By Radical Rose Maitree
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