What is Projekt Alternative?

Here is a Quick Guide Book


GREEN LIFE Inspired By:Green Irish Tweed By Creed
DRIP - II - LIPSTICK | VANILLA Inspired By:Homme Intense By Christian Dior
HYDRO-X Inspired By:Allure Homme Sport
Alexa White Inspired By:Office For Men
Guavara MI2 Inspired By:Guavara MI2
TIGER BLEND XIX Inspired By:Nemer By Boadicea
Z1Z PATCH Inspired By:212 men
Delinia Inspired By:PDM Delina
Noir X 2 Inspired By:Noir Extreme (running low)
RED SMAUG Inspired By:Red Tobacco
PRINCIPLES OF LUST Inspired By:Enigma Pour Homme by Roja Dove
Instant Rouge Vanilla Inspired By:Instant Crush
Rouge 666 MI2 Inspired By:Rouge 666 MI2 
Alexa 666 Inspired By:Alexa + Rouge 666
BHASMASUR Iris Inspired By:Interlude By Amouage
QC Leather Inspired By:Tuscan Leather
C++ PROFUMO Inspired By:Armani Code Profumo
ALEXIUM Inspired By Aventus + Elysium
Mademosaille Inspired By:Coco Mademoiselle
SHIVA SUTRA Inspired By:Black Afgano By Nasamatto
GREEN LIFE Inspired By:Good Life
DRIP - I - Tonka | Vanilla | Iris Inspired By:Feve Delicieuse By Christian Dior
YUZU BOMB Inspired By:L'eau D Issey Miyake For Men
1000 BHP Inspired By: PDM Layton
BARBOTAY Inspired By:Creed Jardin D' Amalfi
Blood Orange Vanilla Inspired By:Lira By Xerjoff
ECSTATIC XXX Inspired By:Jubilation XXV By Amouage
Slurricane Inspired By:Versace Pour Homme
Aqua De Nucleus Inspired By:Acqua Di Gio
Drip 3 Inspired By:Valentino Uomo Intense(running low)
Mindfuck Inspired By:Fucking Fabulous By Tom Ford
Envy Dragon Inspired By:Gucci Envy
Poison Ivy Inspired By:Poison Girl
STEALTH Inspired By:Molecule One
Nomad Inspired By:Ombre Nomad LV
OUD ELEGANTE Inspired By:Colonia Oud Intense By Acqua Di Parma
In Da Club Inspired By:Aventus 2017
Hypnotic Venom Inspired By: Hypnotic Venom
Immortality 1.0 Inspired By:Oud Immortal By Byredo
MELON XSTACY Inspired By:Millesime Imperiale
MINIMAL - OUD Inspired By:Oud Ispahan CD
TIGER BLEND Inspired By:Safari Extreme Abdul Samad Al Qurashi for men (running low)
Barong Bali MI2 Inspired By:Indonesian Oud MI2 (running low)
VIRGIN MARYNE Inspired By:Virgin Island Water By Creed
555 BHP Inspired By:Herod
AQUAMEN PROFUMO Inspired By:AquaMen Profumo By Projekt Alternative
ANOTHER ONE Inspired By:CK 1
Turk's Tea Inspired By:Wulong Cha
Krishna Inspired By:Geny made
Initial Oud Inspired By:Oud For Greatness
QC GREY Inspired By:Grey Vetiver
BARONG EXTRACT Inspired By:Indonesian Oud By Zegna
Candy Rose Inspired By:Candy Rose
Oud VooDoo Intense Inspired By:Oud Wood Intense By Tom Ford
Sligher Inspired By:Burberry London Men
machismo Inspired By:Fierce
Prodigified MI2 Inspired By:BDC EDP
AquaKill Inspired By:MFK Uni Forte
#FFF - Fight Fire with Fire Inspired By:By The Fireplace
Same Color TShirt Inspired By:Lacoste White
Wacken Inspired By:Music Festival
All That Jazz Inspired By:All That Jazz
Paul's Tribute Inspired By:Coolwater Men
Intensely Fresh Inspired By:DnG Light Blue Int
Cedrat En Bois Inspired By:Cedrat Boise
Interlude + Desert Oud Inspired By:#IJ
Head Over Heels Inspired By:Good Girl
The Black Bermuda Inspired By:Man In Black
Powder White Cologne Inspired By:PWC
S.A.I.N.T. Inspired By:Hawas
Les Schon Inspired By:La Vie Est Belle
Luna Oud Inspired By:Desert Oud DnG
21 Guns Inspired By:Spicebomb
The Cocoa Greed Inspired By:Choco Greedy
RosenKaffe Inspired By:Cafe Intense
The Great White Sail Inspired By:Nautica Voyage
Calculus Inspired By:Calculus By Projekt Alternative
MATADOR - BLACK Inspired By:Black Aoud
BOOMSHAKAR 2.0 Inspired By:Kilian Smoke to the soul
SANTALUM 333 Inspired By:Le Labo Santal 33
Briched Alexa Inspired By:Aventus + Birch
ONE BTC Inspired By:One Million By Paco Rabanne
COSMIC HORSEPOWER Inspired By:Polo Green
Grand Matin Inspired By:grand soir + petit matin
Dirty Lover Inspired By:French Lover FM