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Alexa is Debut Fragrance of Projekt Alternative.

Alternative of The King Creed Aventus

Honestly , Fragrances as a Hobby is Quite an Hefty affair for Salaried Individuals.There Comes Projekt Alternative Scents to Rescue , We Recreate High Quality Alternatives along with an Inspirational Character or Concept behind it.Alexa is Inspired from two Characters - Female Version of Alexander The Great (Aventus is inspired from Alexander) and Ethna - Greek Goddess of War.Alexa is very close to 2014 End & Early 2015 Batches of Aventus which are Juiciest of all Batches.We Best you would Enjoy Every Drop of this Nectar.

Concept , Design and̴Ì_Execution is by your Own Personal Perfumologist :- Mohit Khatri