Kannauj - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free
Kannauj - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free
Kannauj - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free
Kannauj - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free
Kannauj - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free

Kannauj - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free

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Attars Of India - Discover Kannauj Part 1 - 3ml x 8 Sample Vials

Attars Shown in Pic are 6ml - 3ml comes half filled

EDP Version here

- 100% Natural on Sandalwood Base Oil

-Top Grade Traditional Attars from Certified Natural Manufacturers in Kannauj

So Perfumologist Went to Kannauj to Discover the Roots of Indian Perfumery and Legendary Ingredients in Perfume Making , Nature Way.

The Discover Pack includes , all Basic Building Blocks of Kannauj Attars

  1. Sandalwood
  2. Indian Rose
  3. Motia
  4. Shamama
  5. Kewda
  6. Indian Vetiver (Ruh Khas)
  7. Mitti Attar
  8. Maulshree

*We may change some based on seasonal availability

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Anantha K.
India India
I recommend this product
01 October 2020

Very authentic

I've still ways to go to fully know and understand this world of attars. But from the basic openings of everything, the soft balance of the smell you never find in alcohol or chemical based perfumes. Old steam distillation has its benefits, though it's very tough from the manufacturer process. Kudos to this package. Definitely acquired taste for deep collectors.

vikas s.
India India
I recommend this product
24 September 2020

Natural and budget friendly oils

I am not experienced to review any fragrance but its my need to share my joy and experience with all of you. I got these 8 oils: 1. African Sandalwood- Notes are Highly smo-king, rotten at the same time a little sweet incense in the background. A single swipe and imagine yourself trapped in a room full of aged sandalwood logs. Sticks to skin for a decent time but I mostly liked its therapeutic effect on mind and body. Having difficulty sleeping, dab a little on your pulse points and have a restful sleep, use it while meditating,contemplating or performing any ritual. It has the power to make subtle changes in emotional structure and thought patterns if you know how to use it. 2. Frankincense Pure: Simply spicy,warm,incensy loban. lifts up the mood instantly. I will not consider it an oil though it seems, it just sinks deeply in the skin without allowing you to finish the swipe. 3. Kannauj Pearl: Sweet,fruity, jammy,incensy jasmine over sandalwood base. Single swipe, and you can smell a bouquet of jasmine flowers blossoming on your skin. A nice mood enhancer however being a natural oil, it doesn't last more than 2 hours on my skin. 4. Choya Nakh Sandali: A smokey, bitter, oceanic smell with sandal. A little hard to handle for beginners. I recommend it for personal use only as it is a little unusual smell for mass. However, you can use it as a fixative for blending Attars and other perfumery and then you can feel the magic of this Choya Nakh Sandali. 5. Vetiver de Aligarh: A less viscous vetiver oil with the same cooling properties. Apply it and have a journey into a wet lush green jungle. Neither much harsh nor too minty-sweet. A decent attar you can wear whenever you are feeling low or separated from nature. You can add a drop or two in water and enjoy a refreshing bath in a hot and humid day. 6. Shamanic Shamama: Truly a shaman's shamama. This is something serious, highly addictive. Usually I don't like to smell like tobacco but this oil changed my mind. The rich desi tobacco note engulfs the wearer instantly and it lasts much long with cinnamon,cardamom,saffron,sandal, and many more unrecognized warm spices,herbs and some sweet floral elements. Warms up the body in just two swipes. I am getting used to this oil. 7. Saffron shamama: A long lasting oil with a lot of spices. I reminds me of a pan shop, chewing A-grade Pan masala, betel leaves n nuts, saffron, cardamom,tobacco and much more ingredients which make this blend an art work. Try it while social distancing before you wear it in public. LOL. 8. AMBER MUSK: Highly resinous,warm,dark, earthy,potent,musky, and all that you can imagine now. It may be a partially natural or not but it can open up the blocked nostrils and make your head numb for a while . It may offend others if applied a little more than 2 swipes. Lasts more than 24 hours on skin and maybe a week on clothes; the price is you have to put stains on your clothes. I honestly recommended these beautiful gems for attar lovers who are not yet initiated into natural Attars. Take a swipe and eat the fragrance with your nose at time intervals or you can simply let the breeze and your movements carry the uplifting whiffs to your nose. If you want to try some natural oils with in a budget friendly price, only this house can make it possible for you. My suggestion and request to PPI : It would be fantastic if you can make us available some oudh oils of this quality at such a low price. THANKING YOU.

Vishnu G.
India India
I recommend this product
01 March 2020

Attars of india-kannauj

All 8 pieces are hi quality Out of the 8, I rate 10/10 for rose and all 9.9/10. Many of these attars I smelt in niche brands as well as hi end designers. Great job mohit & team!!!!!!!!!