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Secret de Rochas Oud Mystere by Rochas for Men & Women

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Top Notes:

Saffron, Rose and Gardenia

Middle Notes:

Oud, Spices and Patchouli

Base Notes:

Olibanum and Woody Notes


Eau de Parfum


Oriental Floral

Recommended use:

Day & NightYear



About Secret de Rochas Oud Mystere by Rochas for Men & Women:

Oud Mystere Secret De Rochas is a warm and spicy composition with contemporary ingredients and rose essence, upon which is laid a delicate balsamic freshness. It begins as an ode to insouciance, but suddenly reveals its true personality, flirting with union saffron, rose, gardenia, agarwood (oud), spices, patchouli, olibanum announcing woodsy notes in the heart. The result is an elegant fragrance with fresh opening that is reminiscent of a modern romance. It is the portrait of a women who loves to seduce. It is not for fans of light or breezy scents, it encompasses a sophisticated woodsy blend.Country:



Establishment Year:

1925Parent company:

Procter & Gamble

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