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Grey Matter Parfums

Grey Matter Parfums

Where it all began...

In the beginning it was CAPSULE...then we transformed into something else, not just for our industry itself, but to create a new lifestyle...as a concept.
The Grey Matter Parfums project came into existence by necessity, because of the hunger for exploration. Scents are meant to evoque a memory, an invisible symphony, intoxication… as Matter shapes into objects, these become mass, elusive from solid to liquid and vice versa. Like retrospection, olfactive consciousness travels with us through the Grey and its sensorial feast, perfect like music but invisible in its form.
Our creations will be in nature seductive by mistakes and the continuous reminder that all of our ideas came from the same place where we ache, where art is celebrated as we MOVE - SEE -HEAR - THINK - SPEAK - MAKE & CONTROL.
Let us remind you why we are here, why Grey Matter deserves a creative place in time, where many said we don’t belong, we swim against the current in a sea full of sharks.
Our approach will be minimal and simple, a clean palette deep in layers.
So let these compositions inspire and you just might see them in the same way we do; Grotesque but Beautiful.

Joey Nieves- The Grey Nose

The Beginning - UNO

The first release of the Grey Matter Parfums project.

Experience the brightness of Bergamot and Vetiver as an introduction to luxurious Leather, Geranium, the freshness of Lavender with the earthiness of Patchouli and if that wasn't enough it has a Base of Cedar that packs a punch. A fragrance on another level, merging street culture with a new direction on how to smell the right way.