Davidoff: Top 5 Recommendations For Women

Having started their business with watches, writing instruments and leather goods, Davidoff soon got into curating some of the best perfumes for the masses.

The earliest edition of Davidoff perfumes was created in 1984. Through the years the perfumes from Davidoff have stood for sophisticated, luxurious and exclusive blends. Zino Davidoff the visionary businessman who started this company aspired Davidoff to be the touchstone for exclusivity, authenticity and quality which it has maintained over the years and has evolved as a brand.

Some of the top recommendations from the house of Davidoff for Women include:

Cool Water:

Cool Water is classified as a sharp, floral aquatic fragrance. This fresh feminine scent consists of light fruity scent with noticeable melon, citruses, a clean opening and woody notes, supported by floral and pure ocean air accords in its sophisticated dry-down. It is recommended for daytime wear and summertime. Even though it includes a lot of different notes, they are very blended and provide a very subtle and delicate aroma that is never too much or too overwhelming.Cool Water by Davidoff for Women is housed in a translucent blue bottle, elegantly designed portraying a droplet of water.

  • Top Notes: Pineapple, Quince, Black Currant, Lily, Melon, Lemon, Lotus and Calone
  • Middle Notes: Honey, Hawthorn, Jasmine, Water Lily, Lily-of-the-Valley and Rose
  • Base Notes: Blackberry, Violet Root, Sandalwood, Musk, Raspberry, Vanilla, Peach and Vetiver
  • Classification: Floral Aquatic


Warm and full of depth, Echo leaves your skin feeling invigorating. This lovely chypre floral fragrance will do for a nice daytime fragrance without being overwhelming. So fresh, light and charming this is the perfect fragrance for spring/summer, and for women who want to feel more feminine after wearing a perfume. Echo Woman by Davidoff starts with crisp vodka and white musk, it's interesting how this combination is refreshing without being sour. Creamy and sweet at the same time, it fades into light floral notes.

  • Top Notes: Vodka and White Musk
  • Middle Notes: Peony, Iris, Violet and Osmanthus
  • Base Notes: Cinnamon, Woody Notes and Crystal Amber
  • Classification: Chypre Floral

Wood Blend:

Jump on the invigorating ride of a woody spicy blend with Wood Blend with Davidoff. the fragrance opens on the note sof a zesty Lemon supoorted by Cardamom and Nutmeg. The Heart reveals a melodious concoction of Saffron, Coriander and Vetiver. The base is sweet with Amber , Leather and Olibanum

  • Top Notes: Cardamom, Nutmeg, Lemon
  • Heart Notes: Saffron , Vetiver, Coriander
  • Base Notes: Leather, Olibanum, Amber
  • Classification: Woody Spicy

Leather Blend:

The Leather Blend by Davidoff will excite your senses. This Leather Band perfume comes in a brown leather flacon of 100ml. Leather Blend by Davidoff is luxurious and enthralling and will fetch you compliments wherever you go. Put it on and head to your workplace and you will leave everyone around you mesmerized. The fragrance is designed by Christophe Raynaud.

  • Top Notes: Pepper, Saffron
  • Heart Notes: Amber, Rose
  • Base Notes: Leather
  • Classification: Leather

Cool Water Sea Rose:

The scent inspires a passion and inspiration in the wearer that artist Zino Davidoff hoped to instil in all of his greatest pieces. Cool Water Sea Rose Perfume by Davidoff, Delight in the charming and flirty scent of Cool Water Sea Rose, a heart-warming women’s fragrance. This sweet and innocent perfume blends only a few floral and musky accords for a delectable scent thats simple yet sophisticated. The top note of Japanese Nashi pear starts the scent with a sugary, fruity essence thats bold and intoxicating. Meanwhile, the middle note of delicate pink peony infuses the aroma with a feminine and floral burst of fresh garden essence. The final base note of sensual white musk lends a seductive edge to the entire fragrance, creating a mesmerizing perfume thats hard to ignore. Encased in a baby pink colored cylindrical flacon, this 2013 fragrance makes for a beautiful and youthful addition to your perfume collection.

  • Top Notes: Pear
  • Heart Notes: Pink Peony
  • Base Notes: Musk
  • Classification: Floral

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